Sunday, 20 April 2014

First game of Warzone: Resurrection at Gothcon

So I made it to Gothcon yesterday and of course visited Prodos Games. There we met Rob from Prodos and my friend Sebastian from the Moonshriek blog who also helped the Prodos guys out. All of them where really friendly and helpful (both the Prodos guys and the volunteers who helped them out at the con).

Me and my friends played our first game of Warzone: Resurrection and it was really awesome and fun, won't go into detail but we did a game with my Dark Legion Starter with Alakhai, 5 x 2 Undead Legionnairs w/ 4x Valchek HMG's and one Razide with a Plaguedealer. I also was able to borrow another Razide to make them game more balanced points wise.

I controlled the Dark Legion against my Brother who played with my Bauhaus Starter set with Angelika Drachen, 5 x 2 Hussars w/ 1 LMG and 1 Rocket Launcher and one Vulcan Battlesuit.

Because the forces where so small we skipped a main scenario and instead went with an secondary mission called Ammo Dump. The battle was brutal with me killing Angelika second turned with combined fire of one Razide and a squad of Legionnaries. Bauhaus retaliated and killed the Razide and some Legionnaries.

The one decisive thing that happened in turn two was when my second Razide miraculously survied a boosted salvo from the Vulcans HMG because of me making two Heal rolls (1 and 2 on a D20). Because of this the Razide could take the objective in the next turn and win the game.

We learned a lot about the game and the basic rules, and we all really liked how the game plays. Fast, brutal, strategic but easy to learn rules.

Prodos had a lot of stuff with them to sell as well and I think it went really well, a lot of people bought stuff and the Imperial Starter was sold out since the day before. Which meant I need to wait for my order to arrive instead (One Imperial Starter, one box of Golden Lions, Valpurgius and one Hurricane walker). I did however get another really awesome deal instead, two boxes of Blood Berets, one Commander Rist and one Greyhound Tankette for 400 Sek (means I got the Tankette for almost free) It didn't stop there, I loved the Razides so much in my game I bought another one and some more stuff including one more box Golden Lions, CC weapons pack for the Blood Berets and Imperial Objective Markers.

So all in all a great day, got some new shiny plastic soldiers and a great game with friends. Big thanks to Prodos and to all who contributed with boards and terrain and what not. I want to especially thank Sebastian and Rob and all other who helped us out with the game and rules (didn't catch your names though, sorry!). Hope to see this on Gothcon next year as well, if they do I will definitely be there.

Borrowed picture from Moonshriek blog

Borrowed picture from Moonshriek blog

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