Tuesday 2 September 2014

Unboxing X-Wing: Z-95 Headhunter

A long awaited cheap rebel ship arrived in wave 4 for X-Wing: The Miniatures Game, and it's no other than the Z-95 Headhunter, the precursor for the X-Wing.

The design of the ship is so nice, I might even think these look better than the X-wings. The paintjob is really nice as well, I might do some touch ups but it is far from necessary. 

You get the usual tokens and markers of course, nothing really new here.

You get two reference cards as well, you probably have these already though.

You get four ship cards as well, two really cheap generic pilots and two named (also really cheap though) pilots. 

For last we also have five upgrade cards. Two Elite Talents (Wingman and Decoy) both which is only found in this expansion so far. You also get two secondary weapons (Ion Pulse Missiles and Assault Missiles) and the new card in this Wave which looks to be popular (can be found in the Tie Defender expansion as well), Munitions Failsafe.
Conclusion: All in all very impressed by this expansion, the ship design is fantastic and I really like it being a cheap alternative for Rebel players where you might need a extra ship or two in your list. It being able to have missiles as well makes them cheap weapon platforms as well. You get some nice named pilots as well and some really nice upgrades which some are only found in this box as of now.

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