Friday, 6 February 2015

Kickstarter: Conan is going like crazy

I told myself not to get into to many KS projects this year, but I couln't let this one pass. It's a miniature based boardgame inspired by the epic tales Conan the barbarian, written by the brilliant author Robert E. Howard. I love Conan, and even if I´m not totally familiar with all the lore this project grabbed me straight away. And apparently that have happened to many others to, the KS campaign is really really successful already and we even have a couple of days left.

So why do I think this will be an awesome game that me and my friends will have many fun hours with?

1. It's Conan... need I say more? Okey.

2. The miniatures looks amazing, and even if they will be produced in plastic and many have the exact same poses (remember this is a boardgame first not a miniatures game) the plastic will be in really high quality according to Monolith The sculpts is superb and have a lot of character.

3. The game machanic sounds easy to learn yet giving you a lot of opprtunities and varied gameplay. The game simpley looks like it will be really fun and easy to play, last in this post I will share some of their videos showing basic rules and gameplay. I really recommend you to watch these, I got super excited to play it.

4. Bang for your buck. There's two pledge levels, I recommend the more expensive one called King's Pledge just becasue you get better value out of that one. You get so much goodies for that prize it's really amazing, and hopefully we will get even more with more stretch goals being crushed the last days of the campaign.

5. Varied game play. You get a lot of different characters, villains, monsters and other creatures as well as plenty of different and really nice looking gameboards and large amount of different scenarios, giving you the opportunity to have really different kinds of games. There will will even be tools to create your own scenarios on their upcoming webpage for the game.

6. There's some really talanted people working on this. Some of the best sculptors, artists and writers in the indutry is involved in this project.

So to sum it up, why haven't you pledged yet? I for one is super excited for this game, paint up the minis but mostly just play the game because it looks so fun.

So far this is what you get if you only go for the King's Pledge without add ons.

Also here's the youtube clips from Monolith showing you a game and rules etc. Really interesting to watch.

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