Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Unboxing Warzone Resurrection: Imperial MegaDeck

I got plenty of new stuff from Prodos Games yesterday and among them three of the new MegaDecks, where you get the new cards to use in the game. So first my thoughts in the change of format on the cards.

The old cards where in a very strange size, and they didn't have rounded corners, which made them difficult to shuffle. Especially without damaging the cards. So you go out and buy sleeves to protect your cards right? Yeah I finally managed to find some, and bought a bunch. I had to ship them from the US so it wasn't cheap, and they where also to thin for my taste. But they worked.

With the new cards it's a little easier to say the least. They are in standard format, you know the old Doomtrooper CCG set in the Mutant Chronicles universe? Or a little cardgame called Magic: The Gathering? There you have the standard format with rounded corners and everything.

So it's a nice change, makes it much easier to find sleeves for your cards to protect them, they take less space on the table (it actually makes a difference!). Of course this means I have hundreds of useless cards now, but I think Prodos had to do this change so rather sooner than later right?

There's also a change in how you get the cards, before you got them in the starters and with every miniature you bought. And while that is good and all (you didn't need to buy another box with just the cards) it also made some of the cards harder to get if you didn't buy many boxes of the same model kits. So this balances out the game and does not make you buy kits or additional kits just to get more copies of a certain card (this probably mostly a problem really competitive players had). You still get statcards of course in your kits, but to get your decks now you have to buy the MegaDeck box for your faction. OR, you can go to Prodosgames.com and via their download page get all the decks in PDF format to print out for free (quicklink here).

Soooo, now when that is out of the way, on to the actual unboxing of this particular MegaDeck, for the Imperial Corporation.

You get all the cards in this little nifty box

Here's a comparison to the old cards, as you can see, smaller size and rounded corners. 

Here's just a comparison with and old Doomtrooper card and a Magic: The Gathering card. The new Warzone cards is glossy like the old ones, I would prefer less glossy cards but in sleeves this does not make any real difference. 

Here's all the different Tactical cards you get, and you get five copies of each, because the is the max you can have in the same deck.  So here's 90 Tactical cards and the 12 Resource cards.

You get three copies of each Gear card and same here because that's how many you can have in the same deck. All in all 39 cards.

Same goes for the Strategy cards, three of each all in all 36 of them.

I haven't gone trough all and compared the cards, but there is some changes to the cards as you can see above. Both of these cards got better for example.

Here's some differences as well Gamma Ray got completely revamped. And I understand why the old version didn't really make sense. Offensive Sentry  got more clearer in the ruling and we now also know that it has RS 12.
So conclusion time then, I like the box and the new cards better than the old. You see the text just as good as on the old ones but have an standard size that makes your gaming life a little bit simpler. You also get some clarifications on the rules on some of them to make them more understandable. If you should get these boxes or go with the PDFs is a matter of taste and of course if you want to pay some money to get real cards instead of printed ones. I for one prefer the real deal.

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