Tuesday, 30 June 2015

News: Age of Sigmar rules leaked + more info

The rules is as simple as the rumors has said, some page with easy and short texts describing every aspect of the game of 'Age of Sigmar', this is of course the basics of the new Warhammer but we might see more advanced rules later, or not.

Here's also some info regarding the boxed game and more, all via Bell of Lost Souls

Ok, first some basics on the set:
Price: $125
Rules : Included in box + Free Download
Backwards Compatability: 100%, rules for EVERY EXISTING WFB mini will be provided.
Box contents:
  • 47 plastic miniatures – 18 Stormcast Eternals and 29 Warriors of Khorne.
  • A 96-page Warhammer Age of Sigmar background book – exclusive to the box set.
  • A 4 page rules sheet.
  • 12 dice, 2 range rules and 2 transfer sheets.
Now the New rules items:
Via Dr. Caligari 6-29-2015
White Dwarf
– WD 75 WILL include a free Stormcast Eternal.
– WD 75 will include all four pages of AoS rules in it.
– There are no point values in Age of Sigmar.
– All units will be represented by warscrolls.
– If your side is severely outnumbered, there are several “Sudden Death” objective you can pick from that success will result in your victory.
– Warscrolls have all the rules for the models with them.
– New models will come with warscrolls in their boxes.
– Army books are gone.
– Bases will not matter.
– Measurement is based on closest point of the models. (So yes, a sword that thrusts well past your base is where you’ll be measuring from.)

Pictures of the rules comes from here: http://imgur.com/a/Pu4gR

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