Monday 11 April 2016

Miniature Monday: Chaos Chimera

For this Miniature Monday I finally decided to rebase my Chimera for AoS. I did some of my 'magical stuff' flowing, some stone, snow to match the rest of my Tzeentch army. I also decided to try out my new stencils from the recent kickstarter by Anarchy Models. I used the HS-29 Creature Feautures - Reptilian. I messed it up somewhat so the effect didn't show as I wanted. But it was my first try and I think the wings look more organic and better now.


  1. Hey there D&B, love your blog. What colors did you use for this guy?

  2. This is awesome! Can I use this for a battle tome project I am working on, Full credit to yourself of course.


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