Thursday 16 September 2010

At last Revenant Knights!

Today I finally got my Revenant Knights, they look really great in my opinion and it will be a lot of fun to paint them. I've just put together the first five of the ten to models I got. They take a little bit of time to assemble as they are in metal, but they actually fits really nice just needed a little bit of green stuff to fill some of the gaps. The only real negative thing I have to say against them is that the hordes are a little bit small for my taste, being a warhammer painter/player for many years makes me used to the larger heroic style horses.

But don't think that is a large problem. They fit in well with the riders and I think there is a reason why the horses looks smaller and thinner, they are decaying horse corpses after all. I will post a larger review of the knights and assemble the remaining five knights including command group asap, in the meantime you can look at the first five knights I've managed to get together.


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  2. Sorry spike, I removed your comment by accident when I tried to remove my own. Don't understand the comments section of Blogger at all.

    If you want you can post it again, here's was the supposed answer from me anyway.

    Hehe, nice to hear now I have some pressure to paint them well :P Yeah, I agree they are really nice models I wouldn't mind them being just a little bit larger though. I have now basecoated the first knight dunno if I have time to paint it that much more today as my girlfriend wants some of my attention as well........ Yeah I have ten of them got five extra because Mantic messed up my order a little bit and I had to wait for them for quite some time.

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  4. Okey, this comment section is out of controll, working on the problem and painting the one of the knights even if its going rather slow.


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