Thursday, 18 August 2011

Current Projects: WIP Mangler Squig, Savage Orcs and a new Forest troll

I wanted to show you the current progress of my Orcs and Goblins projects at the moment. Continuing with the Mangler squig next step there is to make the second squig. As you can see on the Savage Orcs they need some more paint and a little shower in the Quickshade. Here's also the first WIP photo of the third Forest Troll, this time made from an old River troll so I needed a little more green stuff here. Still some more GS work to do with him so he doesn't look to diffenent from the other two.


  1. The forest trolls are such a cool idea.

  2. That Mangler Squig is looking phenomenal...and I also love the idea of a forest troll :-) Keep up the awesome work on your OnG. What Quick shade do you use?

  3. Thx guys. Dunno if you have seen the old ones, they are based on stone trolls but this one was lying around I thought I'll try make him into a forest troll as well.

    Here's the old ones if you haven't seen them.

    @ Mike - I use Quickshade Dark tone, I like the contrasts it provides. It is found here:

  4. Thanks for the back links...and I was wondering if you were using the Army Painter looks great!

  5. Thanks Mike, yeah I really like the Quickshade, it gives a higher contrast and smother transitions between the colours compared to Devlan Mud wash for example.

    But on the Night Goblins I've used both methods without any major difference. So recommend Army Painters Quickshade but I don't think it's for everybody.


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