Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Paint Tutorial: Chaos Warhound of Tzeentch

Some of you may have seen on Twitter that I just wanted to try out a tzeentchy colour scheme for my Chaos Warhounds. I haven't seen any looking that Tzeenchy before so I just tried something I thought would look good and Tzeentchy but not to strange either.

It was pretty simple actually, Dheneb Stone for the body except the fur which I painted with Adeptus Battle Grey. Then I washed the rashes, tip of the tail and ulcerated areas with Baal red a couple of times and the whole body, legs and face with Asurmen Blue. 

Then I moved on to the smaller stuff. I painted Dheneb Stone on the horns, fangs and claws and an Ice blue highlight on the fur closest to the skin to make a smother transition between the colours. I also painted the inside of the mouth with a 70/30 mix of Machrite Red and Red Gore, the tongue with 25/50/25 mix of Machrite Red, Red Gore and Blood Red. And the gums with same as for the tongue except a additional highlight of 50/50 mix of blood red and Blazing Orange on the most raised areas.

Then I painted the eyes, first with Blood red and then a little dot in the middle with Blazing Orange. After this I washed the whole are around the eyes with Baal Red to make a little gloving effect. Then I dipped the whole thing in Army Painters Quickshade Dark Tone. And for last, when all has dried like 24 hours, sprayed on Purity Seal Satin Varnish. Done! I'm really satisfied and  do think it looks like it belongs to Tzeentch, even if it rulewise can't have marks. Hope you like it as well.

Sorry I have only photos of the finished product, this wasn't supposed to be a tutorial it just happened when I wrote. But as the model isn't that complicated I think people understand anyway, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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