Monday 21 November 2011

News: Ghorgon, Cygor and Jabberslythe pics

There are coming some new models in December after all it seems, the missing Rare choices from the Beastmen book will get new models the Ghorgon/Cygor Kit and the strange looking Jabberslythe. I really like the models, the Ghorgon/Cygor kit looks really nice, and the first that came up in my mind was if there's a chance on converting one into a Savage Giant :P, could look pretty cool. It seems like the Mangler Squigs will arrive in Dec as well but I haven't seen pics yet. Anyway here's the pics and for more info regarding this check out Warseer.



  1. Time to dust off the Beastman Battalion I think...

  2. Hey there Gaarew! Yeah I think you should, add one Cygor or something and it will look awesome.

  3. You know, I might just do that. I keep eyeing up the Wargames Foundry Beastmen, and getting the itch to buy a tonne of them.


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