Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Empire Update: War Altar WIP:s and more

A while ago since I updated and still no finished models. Well all I have for my defence is little time and large projects. I have decided though to focus on my Empire army and to try to finish as much as possible before any new releases for the other armies I own, like the rumoured Dark Angels starter box for 40k and maybe Warriors of  Chaos later this year. I will also work a little on my WoC army and try to finish the units I've already started. Also my new mini project is to start up a Minotaurs Space Marine force, building it up squad by squad. Still undecided what to have in it yet and any suggestions is welcome, mostly leaning on focus on TAC squads, some termies, assault marines and Stormtalons and other vehicles.

Anyhow, on to the Empire stuff. Have been working on my War Altar of Morr again and it's starts to look like something. The Morr cult flaggelants is almost done and took much more time than anticipated with the chains and stuff. Just needs some more colour and some more skull bits. The War altar itself needs some more colour and some more converting before it's finished but the interior is pretty much finished, just needs some more highlights here and there. Also started to paint upthe statue today and I'm pleased with the Bronze colour I went with, will make it look more aged though and paint some verdigris on it. The Morr highpriest still needs some green stuff for a hood, necklace and some other stuff then I can start to paint him up as well.

The altar is priority nr. 1 right now but I have some more models in the Empire army Iv'e started to think about painting and converting up soon.

First up is a really easy headswap. Body from the Hurricanum/Luminark kit and head from Wizard kit, easy and of course I will make him into a wizard of the light order. 

Easier even than the Light wizard is this Engineer from the new Plastic Engineer kit. I didn't want to do anything converting with this one.

And for last, I had a couple of ideas what to do with the spare horses from the War Altar kit. First I thought to use them in my Order of the Black Rose knights unit but they are a lot smaller than the Chaos Knights I use in that unit so I had to think of something else. Then I thought about some models I had where the rider needed smaller horses, like this Valten model. I didn't want to use the old horse models for this one and he have been collecting dust for quite some time. So maybe I now can make him into something useful, even if there's isn't any rules for Valten anymore. What do you think? A General? Warriors Priest? Arch Lector?

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