Thursday, 17 January 2013

News: Many more Warriors of Chaos pics!!

So now more Feb White Dwarf images are popping up. Like the new monsters called Slaughterbeast and Mutalith Vortex Beast, Dragon Ogres and a new chariot variant called Gorebeast Chariot, Throgg, Vilitch and more. Many thanks to Kuffeh who shared  the links to these pictures. Enjoy.
Dragon Ogres
Mutalith Vortex Beast

Chaos Chariot

Gorebeast Chariot


Throgg the Troll King


Chaos Lord
Comment: I like most of the stuff actually. I like both the beasts although the Vortex Beast most, the Dragon Ogres looks really good in my opinion, which is awesome as I didn't have high hopes for them after reading 75Hastings69 rumours. A little bit unsure about the Chariot and the Gorebeast, a little odd looking plating I think but other than that quite nice. Forsaken is kind of hard too see here but not that impressed by them either but should make a good kitbash for Warriors if not fielded as Forsaken. I don't know what I think about Throgg, I like it I think but he also looks odd in some kind of way. Vilitch I liked quite much, even if he didn't really look like the artwork in the 7ed book. For last the Chaos Lord, I like the model, especially that it's in plastic and not Finecast, I will probably do an head swap on him though.

All in all I like what I'm seeing, and I think when seeing them in the flesh and with your paint on them they will look even better, damn I will be poor the coming future :.(.


  1. Well they look 10,000 times better than their futuristic counterparts and the Angels.

  2. The tentacle thing is pure want, what a great mini. Forsaken kit looks like hobby gold.

  3. Yeah I really like the tentacle thing as well. Will suit my Tzeentch army I think. Just hope we get some more info about the the armybook in the next White Dwarf.

  4. I dont like the monsters. Too Daemonic for "normal" Warriors of Chaos.

    Which was my same problem with the big Daemon construct things for C:SM, too Daemonic.

    The new Lord looks arrogant. Perfect for a WoC lord!


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