Sunday 4 May 2014

Dark Legion: Necromutant Commanders finished!

One of the Dark Legion's cruelest abominations, the brutal Necromutants were once living humans mutated by dark technology. Each and everyone has a malign intelligence they use to guide the mindless Undead legionnaires.

Text from: Prodos Shop

I'm very split right now on what to paint and in what order. I want to upgrade the two starter sets for Warzone to bigger forces but on the other hand I also want to paint up all my other stuff, and mainly my Imperial force. So for the moment I do both so in the near future you will see WZ:R goodies from all sorts of different factions (maybe even other than the three above).

One thing I wanted to paint up as fast as possible was Necromutant commanders for my Undead Legionnaries. They just get so much better with them (and its a measly 20 Pts upgrade per squad). And here they are, no conversions or anything on these. May do some on the rest of the Necro commanders when I come to that. 


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