Monday, 8 August 2016

Miniature Monday: Freeguild Guard and Demigryph Knights

So I thought I didn't have enough projects, so I also started to rebase and repaint my old Empire army, now the Freeguild. That is the hardest thing with AoS resisting not to start a new project all the time. Not something I'm good at but at least I'm mostly sticking to the armies I already have.

Anyway, I felt the urge to transform my Empire army into an AoS army and use them together with my Stormcast Eternals. Not that hard if I just rebase them, but I can never do just that... So I did some repainting, mostly touch ups, but also redid the purple to better match with my Stormcasts. Thought about changing the yellow for white as well but that would take to much time so I went with this.

Thats a start at least, much more to do here and I will treat this as a little side project for now. 

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