Thursday 14 March 2013

WoC: Tzeentch/Nurgle Daemon Prince finished!

I has felt like this model has been almost finished for a while now, you now.. some minor things needs fixing there and one more highlight there. I still feel like that a little but I made up my mind and I now think that the Daemon Prince is finished.
As some of you may know already my Chaos force will be a mostly Tzeentch, and the main colours therefore is blue.... But... I also want to be able to field units and characters belong to the other gods so I tried to stick to the colour theme on this Prince but also add some greens to make it look like it could be a Nurgle prince as well... mostly for gaming purposes as it's hard to justify the Tzeentchy look in the fluff. But maybe he's a heretic Tzeentch prince which is under the influence of grandpa Nurgle or something similar. My favourite explanation so far though is that he is a Tzeentch prince but he discovered a sword (with a tainted green look as you can see) and when he first put it in his hands he got cursed and his Tzeentch powers and spells is changed to the ones of Nurgle. Now he can't drop the sword and he is getting consumed by Nurgle more every day despite the Daemon Princes iron will. 

Or something like that, making up fluff isn't my strong side even though I think it's important. So tell me what you think of him, do you think he can work as a Nurgle Daemon Prince as well or are I'm cheating trying to do this? :P

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