Thursday, 7 March 2013

WARZONE: Bauhaus reinforcements!

So a while since I updated about the Warzone kickstarter, and the pledges is coming in slower at the moment. Hopefully this will turn and we will get more people into this. Anyhow, we are getting more and more pictures from Prodos games(which by the way have a new website for the game, check it out) And they have concentrated on Bauhaus for a while now and after much discussions on their forum, the ks page and Facebook we have a final concept image on the Hussars.

Also we got a big surprise a couple of days ago, they will make a model of the classic Bauhaus tank, GBT 49 Grizzly! Looking forward seeing how it will turn out.

And for a last an early concept image of a Venusian Ranger, really like this one and hope the final models will look something like this.

If you are interested in this kickstarter or the project at all go and check out their KS page by clicking the banner below. 

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