Tuesday 12 March 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Conversion idea gone bad...

Long time since the last update, have not really been busy but I have been sick and stuff so haven't really managed to do anything hobby related lately. I have some stuff coming up as the Daemon Prince and some more WoC stuff but they aren't completely finished yet so you have to do with an failed attempt at making a Tzeentch Skullchrusher count as.

The idea was to have the knights mounted atop of big lions, and there is the problem really. The lions are to small! I haven't seen the Lions of Chrace from the HE Chariot in a long while and didn't remember how big they where. And suddenly there where two chariots up on eBay and I made a gamble and bought them.

Well they where tad to small I think, at least for Chaos Warriors :P As you can see on the pic above they don't look so bad compared to Demigryphs, when the lion is standing a top mountain and rock at least. The main problem though is the size of the rider and the short legs of the lion, is dosn't look menacing and big enough to look like a Skullcrusher count as. 

This looks really obvious when directly compared to a Skullchrusher of course. So I have to can this idea and come up with a new idea on what to do with two He Lion chariots, any suggestions?


  1. I think it's a good idea, it's just that GW has slowly increased their scale beyond 28mm, so if those lions are from another manufacturer, they'll scale small. I can't think of anyone who does an appropriately scaled lion, but you might consider going outside the gaming world and checking out some other toys.

  2. Yeah I have thought about that to, haven't found anything in the right scale and with good enough details yet though. Also I might scrip the idea entirely and do something else with the lions and some kind of other mount for the SC count as knights.

  3. had the same idea for the woc chariot only was going to use the ogre saber cats
    then the new one with the big beastly thing came out... changed my mind


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