Monday, 22 April 2013

Painting Challenge 2013: Mars

I continue the tradition of making these late it seems. But as they say, better late than never. So what happened last month then, well firstly I made a lot of posts regarding the Warzone KS and that made a little less time for the ordinary Wh40k and WHFB updates. This will change a little now when the KS has ended and we don't get as much updates from Prodos at the moment. 

But enough of that, I actually got some painting done as well in Mars and below are the stuff I finished painting and therefore counts for the Painting Challenge.


5 Outriders (Repainted) w. Musican 115 Pts

Warriors of Chaos

1 Daemon Prince 235 + 40 for the wings so 275 Pts (will most often be a lot more though)

1 Warriors of Chaos Tzeentch Unit filler 34 Pts (Counts as two Tz Warriors with shields)

Total:  424 Pts

Not as good as Jan but close and to be fair the Daemon Prince will almost always be more points than this, but the challenge is to have the units/heroes without equipment and magic items if they aren't modelled as a something that pretty much requires it, like Tz Warriors, the wings on the DP etc. Anyhow, I think next month will be even better :)

A big dude was finished in Mars

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