Saturday 20 April 2013

Warzone: Bauhaus Ducal Militia test mini

One of my main armies in Warzone: Resurrestion will be Bauhaus MegaCorpororation (Imperial will be the main army when they are released) and as Imperial will take it's time I have to have some WZR projects before. And I choose Bauhaus, I didn't know what colours to use though so I painted up a first test mini of the a Ducal Militia from the 2nd Edition of Warzone from 1998 (I recently bought the starter for this and will make and Unboxing/review of it really soon). Well this is what I came up with. C & C is especially welcome here as I'm new to Warzone and how to paint them in appropriate colours.


  1. Really nice work man! I can't wait to see your Tale of Bloggers entries!

  2. Thanks mate, yea I'm all in for training my Warzone painting skills now. I'm a little unsure if I will go with this colour scheme or not though. Will try out another one to see.


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