Friday 26 April 2013

Deadzone: Another Kickstarter from Mantic Games

Yea Mantic continue to do Kickstarter and here's their fourth one, and in my opinion the best looking KS from Mantic so far. Down below are what info we got in the mail on what we can expect from this KS. Check it out, also as Im typing this we are already at $120k of the initial of $50k so this KS looks to be a great success already. You find the Kickstarter here:

From the e-mail from Mantic:

The Counter has hit zero, now lead your faction to victory in this new 3D futuristic skirmish game!

Deadzone is a two-player tabletop miniatures skirmish game set in the Warpath universe where players control one of four unique factions, battling it out over scarce resources by combining deadly actions to lethal effect.

There will be four initial factions for Deadzone including the Enforcers, the Marauders, the Rebs and the horrific Plague!

We’re launching Deadzone through Kickstarter where with the help of the community we hope to be able to expand the range of unit types in the core box as well as fund the tooling for these miniatures. In addition we hope to be able to great new additions to the scenery range, introduce new factions and create a strong community so you’re always supported!
We’ve got a great range of rewards including Strike Team ($150) where you get all four factions, a heap of scenery sprues, game mat, Rulebook and loads more besides!

Not only this but we’ve created a number of limited edition “Early Bird” specials just for you guys allowing you to get Strike Team at a reduced rate – a little thank you from us for getting in early!

Those of you who supported the DreadBall and Kings of War Kickstarters – of which DreadBall Season 2 is now shipping and the second wave of Kings of War miniatures are in tooling and have been nearly completed - know that we pack our rewards full of goodies and this Kickstarter will not be any different. If we can surpass our goal then Recon and Strike Team will be getting very tasty indeed!

We hope that together we can make the best miniatures skirmish game possible. Please pledge your support and spread the word - we appreciate any help we can get!

The sci-fi backdrop of Deadzone is brought to life using the new plastic modular Mantic Scenery Range adding a vertical dimension to your games and incredible customisation to your battlefield. No game need ever look the same!

In addition to the band new miniatures and stunning new scenery, the game also features a high quality Deadzone Rulebook, a grid-based gaming mat (removing the need for a tape measure and speeding up core gameplay mechanics like movement and line of sight!), Faction Card Decks, Dice and Counters – all packed in a beautiful high-quality box!

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