Monday, 29 April 2013

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter

I had to write something about this KS as well as it will probably be the second KS I ever make an pledge for. Anyhow, Robotech was the first anime I watched back when I was a little kid and I loved it. I still do (well all Macross atleast) so it where a pleasant surprise when I found out about this KS.

Prepare for invasion! Robotech® RPG Tactics™ is a fast paced strategy battle game that expands on the popular Palladium role playing game. Take command of the brave men and women of the United Earth Defense Force to valiantly defend Earth from annihilation. Or, command the alien armies of the Zentraedi Armada to recover an alien artifact of immense power and enslave humankind. Collect your forces from an expanding range of world class game pieces. Relive the massive battles on your tabletop at home to enhance your Robotech® RPG adventures or as a stand-alone game.
And this is what you get in the box.
Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Boxed Game
Full color, 90+ page, softcover rulebook
12 Zentraedi Faction Dice - UNLOCKED!
12 UEDF Faction Dice - UNLOCKED!
40 color game cards (unit cards, etc)
31 Game Pieces!
  • 1/285th scale (40-70mm), high quality, multi-pose plastic game pieces. 
  • 4x VF-1A Veritech Vakyries in Fighter, Guardian, and Battloid modes (12 game pieces) 
  • 1x VF-1J "Officer" Veritech Valkyrie in Fighter, Guardian, and Battloid mode (3 game pieces) 
  • 2x Destroids that can create any combination of Tomahawks or Defenders (2 game pieces) 
  • 12x Regult Zentraedi Battlepods (12 game pieces) 
  • 1x Glaug Officer's Battlepod (1 game piece) 
  • 1x Reconnaissance Battlepod (1 game piece) UNLOCKED! 
In addition, once we reach our funding goal we have a whole host of fantastic upgrades and new unit add-ons to unlock!

So we how have pledged to get the box will get some really great stuff and a lot of freebies. Like the latest stuff which was unlocked.

This was unlocked because they got 2200 backers, there will be freebies at 2400 and 2600 as well as the ordinary stretch goals. A great way of trying to convince more people to pledge. They also hit the $400.000 stretch goal in the same day which means a new add on.

So a good deal of pledgers already so we can probably expect some more freebies which means that the game boxes will have even bigger value. So if you're like me and really like Robotech and Miniature based games, check this one out here.

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